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Animated Exeter


Animated Exeter is an interactive UK animation festival where adults and children are encouraged to take part in workshops.  

The festival organisers felt it was time for a refresh of the brand in order to inspire young animators to develop and learn new skills required by the industry.

The new identity replaces the letter x with a figure and can be adapted to alternative characters year after year. In keeping with the festival theme, the x figure has endless possibilities to be digitally animated.  To create a sense of fun and movement, the character can be rotated to various different angles and is able to interact with the festivals head-lining animation characters. 

Chosen as the winning brand design by the festival organisers,  the brand and identity, website concept, marketing brochure, copy writing and banner designs were used for Animated Exeter 2016, and involved working in collaboration with animation organisations such as Aardman Animation, King Rollo and The Clangers. 


A rebrand of the Animated Exeter Festival.

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